Lithuanian Association of People with Spinal Injuries

Non-governmental organization (NGO)

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The Lithuanian Association of People with Spinal Injuries has been developing its activities since 1995, has extensive experience in working with people with mobility impairments, unites people after spinal injuries and mobility impairments, has low working capacity and moves in a wheelchair, has spinal disorders and various others. disability. These are people who, due to various accidents, reckless steps, have been forced to change their legs into a wheelchair.
We answer various questions from people who have recently experienced injuries, provide all general information, and offer help. Decreased ability to take care of personal (family) life independently and participate in public life, health problems, disability, disorientation in a rapidly changing environment, limited independence due to disability usually make it difficult for individuals to reach medical institutions, shops, day care centers, etc. We provide transport services for the necessary public institutions, solving various household, health, education, employment issues, shopping in stores (not only for purchasing food products, but also for measuring clothes, footwear, buying household items, services for people with reduced mobility.

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