Lithuanian Association of People with Spinal Injuries

Non-governmental organization (NGO)

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The main goal of the association is to take care of people with physical disabilities, to meet their needs for compensatory equipment, treatment, nursing, medical and hygiene equipment, housing, adaptation of the environment and public transport, acquisition of specialty and employment, social services and independence. Priority is given to people with spinal cord injuries moving in wheelchairs. 


The association seeks to implement equal opportunities for people with disabilities with healthy members of society: 

  • In order to solve the set goals and objectives, the association actively cooperates with government and municipal institutions and establishments, medical institutions, social support departments, charitable organizations and foundations, other public organizations both in Lithuania and organizations of other countries; 
  • To represent and defend the rights and freedoms of people with disabilities and other public interests; 
  • To submit proposals to state institutions when considering and adopting new, amending and supplementing already adopted legal acts regulating the legal situation of people with disabilities, implementing social integration programs and projects aimed at meeting the social needs of the disabled; 
  • To organize and provide social rehabilitation services for the disabled, their family members, the elderly and single people with disabilities; 
  • To organize various seminars and conferences on issues relevant to the disabled; 
  • To promote artistic self-expression and employment of the disabled through cultural events and projects; 
  • Encourage responsible institutions and the public to help address the problems and issues of people with disabilities; 
  • Disseminate information on ongoing activities, projects and results. 
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